• Support for the new file format in Sketch 43

    Sketch 43 introduces a new file format that allows us to extract image previews and metadata.

  • Adding document previews to Wagtail CMS

    Learn how to extend Wagtail’s Documents with image previews and metadata

  • Introducing Google Cloud Storage support

    We have officially added support for storing your file previews to Google’s Cloud Storage.

  • Sensitive Metadata

    Previously any additional metadata requested for your previews like OCR text was stored in our servers. This allows applications to retrieve a preview via the API. Some users were concerned that we were storing OCR text requested for their possibly sensitive files.

  • Website previews and metadata

    With not only can you generate thumbnail previews and extract data from any file, but you can do so for any website.

  • Introducing Azure support

    We have officially added support for storing your file previews to Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage.

  • New Sandbox for Developers

    During the past couple of months we’ve been making improvements to the backend, client libraries, documentation and website.

  • Pricing update

    A few weeks ago we announced an updated API for FilePreviews. With that update we also launched a brand new pricing scheme. Since the launched we’ve been talking to many users about the changes. After some thought we decided to make a few tweaks to the pricing, specifically the Professional plan.

  • FilePreviews v2 is here!

    We are really happy to announce the launch of version 2 of our service. This update comes with a simpler API, speed and stability improvements in all aspects of the service. During the past few months we’ve been talking to a lot of you and incorporated the feedback on this update.

  • Thumbnails and metadata for almost any kind of file

    Today we are also launching an API service designed for developers building applications with rich file preview capabilities just like Blimp Boards.