.psd Example
Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) with multiple layers
.ai Example
Adobe Illustrator file (.ai)
.doc Example
Microsoft Word file (.doc) with multiple pages
.ppt Example
Microsoft PowerPoint file (.ppt)
.pdf Example
First 2 pages of a PDF file (.pdf)
.svg Example
SVG image (.svg)
.png Example
PNG image with text (.png)
.jpeg Example
JPEG photo with EXIF data (.jpeg)
.mp4 Example
MP4 HD video with multimedia data (.mp4)
.wav Example
WAV audio with multimedia data (.wav)
.nef Example
Nikon D1 RAW image (.nef)
.crw Example
Canon EOS D30 RAW image (.crw)
website Example
Website screenshot
.sketch Example
.xd Example
Adobe XD
.indt Example
Adobe InDesign
.otf Example
OpenType Font
.ttf Example
TrueType Font